Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play un powered ceremony?

- Yes, I have a battery powered PA system and pedalboard.

Can you play a beach ceremony?

- Yes, I do charge a little extra to cover any accidental damage to my gear. I can use my battery powered PA but will just play guitar and sing (no looping/pedal board).  

Can our celebrant use your mic for the ceremony?

- Yes, I have a spare corded microphone your celebrant can use.

Can you "learn" or "download" new songs for our special wedding moments (isle, signing, first dance)? 

- Yes, I'm more than happy to download or  learn those few key songs if i don't know them, providing enough time is given to learn them. 

Do you play background music when you're not playing live?

- Yes.

Do you have party lights for the dance floor?

- Yes, I have full lighting and DJ equipment. 

Can we choose the songs you play for your live sets?

- Yes, I have a full songlist of all that I play at GIGS on my website under "songlist". Feel free to download it and print it out so you can highlight the songs you like. Email me the list and I'll make sure I play these songs. 

Can we choose the songs you DJ?

-  Absolutely, You know your friends and family and what they like to dance to. I can read the crowed well and make sure they are all up and dancing but I'm more than happy to create the playlist together. 

Can we request DJ songs on the night?

- Yes, Just as long there is phone service at the venue to allow me to stream the songs.

What if we want you to stay longer on the night?

- Im more than happy to stay longer, but it will cost a bit extra.

Do you play in a duo or trio

- Yes, I perform with many talented musicians and singers for weddings that would prefer these options. I will calaborate with musicians and singers that I think will suit your wedding and vibe the best.